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As Tempora developed its own exhibitions and events, it realised that it needed to be able to take its productions abroad and share them with an even larger audience and its foreign partners. To make this possible, Tempora invented Tempocase, a streamlined, flexible format for touring some of its exhibitions.

An exhibition in Tempocase format is like a large interactive book laid out on the ground for visitors to move from page to page and discover the various ‘chapters’ of the exhibition.

There are many benefits to the Tempocase system. With Tempocase, an exhibition that originally occupied over 1,500 m² takes up just 100 to 200 m², which is good news for many hosting partners who have neither the budget nor the space to accommodate exhibitions on their original scale. Furthermore, Tempocase exhibitions can be used as delivered: they come complete with all of the objects for exhibition, and the interactive displays, audio-visual components and texts are ready-adapted to suit the place and country where they will be shown.

Thanks to this practical, first-rate system, huge numbers of visitors and host institutions worldwide have had the opportunity to discover Tempora’s projects.