Design, production, promotion and management of cultural attractions and exhibitions

Thanks to the talent and expertise it has acquired over the years, Tempora is now a major player in the design, production, promotion and management of (cultural, historical or scientific) exhibitions as well as of cultural attractions.

Founded in 1998 by Benoît Remiche, its Managing Director, and De Boeck Group, Belgium’s leading publisher of school and university textbooks, Tempora has since built up a strong track record, organising some of the most memorable cultural events Belgium has seen in recent years. Moreover, Tempora is now forging an international reputation by working in other countries to promote its exhibitions and the original concepts it has designed and produced.


How Tempora stands out from the crowd

Two key characteristics set Tempora apart:

  • its unique position as a ‘one-stop shop’, which enables Tempora to handle every aspect of the design and development of exhibition projects: from conceptualising the texts and layout to executing the design, promoting the exhibition and managing the visitor experience.
  • the increasingly international character of its activities, due to its development of touring exhibitions (which often have Brussels as their first stop) and its involvement in designing and producing permanent exhibitions abroad.



Bolstered by the expertise of its multidisciplinary team, Tempora has based its approach on four guiding principles: respecting the sites of cultural projects and the history of these sites; showing the collections entrusted to it to best advantage; constantly striving to strike a balance between entertainment, visual appeal and careful compliance with scientific principles; and finally, ensuring that every cultural project offers exhibitions and attractions that are accessible to as many people as possible.

Thanks to its commitment to this approach, which has proved its worth in each one of the company’s projects, and its many years of experience, Tempora is now one of the leading lights on the cultural scene.